The Angiolini Inquiry

The Angiolini Inquiry was established to investigate how an off-duty police officer was able to abduct, rape and murder a member of the public. The findings and recommendations of this investigation are contained in the Part 1 report.

Part 2 is to establish if there is a risk of recurrence across policing, to investigate police culture, and to address the broader concerns surrounding women’s safety in public spaces.

Following the sentencing of former police officer David Carrick in February 2023, Part 3 of the Inquiry was established to examine Carrick’s career and conduct.

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Publication of the Part 2 List of Issues

The List of Issues sets out how the Inquiry has interpreted the Part 2 Terms of Reference. The List of Issues may be updated as the Inquiry progresses.

Part 2 List of Issues 22 May 2024

The Angiolini Inquiry has published its latest financial report

The latest finance report covers the period April 2023 – March 2024. Read it here.

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